Experience and skills

Custom programming

MacOS X & iOS

Programming on Mac OS X and iOS took in my hobby. I am writing on the Objective-C and Swift. Not only that, this is my hobby, but also brings a pretty good income. Created applications such as AttachIt for iOS. The app allows you to send photos from your iPhone or iPad in the amount of more than 5. Xsan Recovery Tool to recover data from failed or broken XSAN RAID.


Programming for Windows, I use mainly for writing small programs, converters, bots for games like World of Warcraft and The application for the calibration of meters of liquefied gas sensors based on Hall. For example fulfilled the order for writing programs that use the database user names and passwords puts 5 stars and generates a good review in the iTunes application.

WEB sites

All of their services to the Internet, I prefer to write in PHP. For example Converter Microsoft Excel 97 to database managed by VirtueMart Joomla. Web applications client-server to track calls and execute customer orders in the IT department technology. Also a lot of small scripts like site parsing, PHP-script antivirus for cure PHP-Worms script on the hosting.


Development of control systems for various devices and sensors based on the ESP32 microcontroller. Extensive experience in creating "smart home" systems, etc. Creation of glasses with a light matrix to launch a physiological DNA repair program. The use of microcontrollers in the industrial sector and car tuning

My Work

a modest list of my works

MacOS App: XSAN Recovery Tool

Xsan Recovery Tool

MacOS X System utility

MacOS App: MDC Show

Xsan MDC show

MacOS X System utility

WEB site: OnLineConverter

Online converter


iOS App: AttachIt


iOS application

Windows App: RateIt


Windows application

Windows App: ClickIt


Windows application

WEB App: hitbtc bot

HitBTC bot

WEB application

My customers

Not a complete list of clients whom I helped

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